Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So far... not so good

If you read the last post, you'll have noticed something wrong: no image. OK, remember, this is young software. I tried to upload an image from my computer but it didn't make it (I had to go in and edit out the place holder). Not sure why this is the case; I think Blogger limits the image dimensions, but I thought this was done automatically.

A more serious issue was that Bleezer froze after I sent the post. The post showed up on my blog fine, but I had to force quit the app. Maybe something to do with the image not being the right size? Well see how this one goes.

I should add that I learned of Bleezer through D'arcy Norman Dot Net. One of D'arcy's complaints was that the preview editor doesn't show line and paragraph breaks. I haven't used any HTML to indicate paragraph or line breaks in this post, so we'll see how they show up on the web site.

Edit: This one posted fine and Bleezer didn't hang. However, I discovered a new problem. Bleezer is supposed to be able to fetch the other posts from the blog and allow you to edit. However, when I tried to make this update from within Bleezer, I got an error (something to do with Atom). Ahh... growing pains

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Larry Borsato said...

Ok, so my code sucks. :)

The image upload isn't automatic yet. You can upload a file and then separately insert the image into the post, but there is no connection... yet.

For some reason I am seeing the occasional lockup when pinging trackbacks. It seems to be when a site is redirected, and it gets hung up in the network stack. I'm working on it.

Can you tell me what error you see when doing a Get Posts?

You can email me at Thanks for trying it out!