Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kudos to CBC

So I downloaded the CBC podcast into iTunes this morning and low and behold, it came in as a single file. Looks like they decided to go the extra mile for iPod users after all. Good for them, and good for all the people who e-mailed the show to let them know how irritating the problem was. In this day and age of unscrupulous and opportunistic politicians, it's nice to know that someone out there is actually listening.

Of course, now the tip in my previous post is worthless, but what the heck...

On a side note, I'm posting this using Bleezer. Experimenting with the program, I have found that it works fine if you're posting text only, but as soon as I try to post any HTML, it doesn't get posted. I still have high hopes that the next build will work better because I really like creating my posts outside the Blogger text edit window.

Edit: Another Bleezer note. I tried to use the tags field in Bleezer and got a post error. After removing the tags, it posted fine. More growing pains, I guess.


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