Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lamenting the Apple

Oh Apple, where did it all go wrong? Where did all your design engineers go? Where did your aesthetics go? And your plain good sense?

In case you're wondering, Apple today introduced a "fun" new product: the iPod microwave Hi-Fi. This thing is ugly, expensive and useless. Expensive and useless, I can handle. But ugly? From Apple? This can't be happening. Please tell me it isn't so.

They also introuced this leather case for their new iPods. In and of themselves, they're not bad, though you can't access the controls or view the screen unless you take the iPod out of the case (I wonder how long it will be before someone sues Apple because they dropped their iPod while removing it from one of these cases). No, the bad thing is the price: US$99. Give me a break. I bought my leather case for about $25, and I can plug it in, access the controls and view the screen without removing the iPod. Come on Apple. You can and must do better than this.


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Hey jasman. I subscribe to that blog and read it. I had to laugh. Too bad he doesn't allow comments. I could have told him he's not alone about the "butt-ugly" thing.