Thursday, January 19, 2006

Safari RSS

OK, I really should be working, but I need to get this off my chest.

I've already come out of the closet and said that I like to use Safari as my RSS reader. Whether it's because that's what I'm used to or becasue I like having my RSS feeds in a browser so I don't have to tax the already limited resources of my mini by having another app open all the time, I'm not sure, but unless it gets really bad, I'm sticking with Safari.

That said, I think Safari's RSS support could use some improving, so here's a short wishlist:

1) Make it less flakey. I hate it when, for no apparent reason, the articles for a subscription re-load, even though I've already read them. I get all excited when I see I have 11 unread articles, only to deflate when I see it's just a bunch of old "I, Cringely" posts that Safari has apparently decided I need to read again.

2) Make updating more flexible. As it stands, I can set Safari to check my feeds every 30 minutes. For an addict like me, that's not enough. I want it to check every 5 minutes, because hey, we all know that on the Internet, 30-minute-old news is, well, old news. And I want a button that lets me force check too.

There may be other things (feel free to chime in), but these are the biggies for me.


Aisha said...

Waht am I doing here? Safari? What is that?
I have no RSS feeds...htough I have an idea they tell you of new posts on someone's blog...
This is the side of you we poets dont understand!
ever go to
I don't but it sounds like oyur thing!
news for nerds...or is it "News that matters!"

Peter Garner said...

I, for one, am glad you stopped by, Aish. Safari is Apple's proprietary web browser. I like it. I hope you're using FireFox on your new windows machine. IE is maybe the worst browser in the entire galaxy.

RSS (along with Atom and XML) is indeed a subscription protocol. You either need to get a newsreader or use a browser such as Safari (not even sure there are others) that integrate RSS support. If you want to try it, there are freeware applications out there (try -- I have no idea if it's any good or not). Then you could subscribe to this blog's RSS feed (feed:// and read ALL my Apple goodness.

I avoid slashdot like the plague, but visit lots of other nerdy sites.

Aisha said...

Thank you...I will try to get my head round all that tech speak... ;)
I overload as quickly on that as certain men do on "relationship talk" :)
But indeed, a man in my life once made sure I use Firefox and I do like source is good, yeah, she copycats. Why? Uh, something about ..non-profit?

I think oyu can have feeds with Mozila Thunderbird...will check.-